Old News vs Breaking?


2.4k/1.9k for a video game when I haven’t even replenished my funds yet from losing MP last year? I don’t think so. Still, I *am* always behind when it comes to the latest releases, whether games or movies, and my work’s continually suffered as a result. I keep covering old news… When you gotta earn, […]

January 20, 2018

Is Goku Being Set up to One Day Become a God of Destruction Based on Recent ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapters?

Journalism, Vocal Media

Goku might have achieved god form, but just how far do his powers stretch and is he being set up to become a God of Destruction? “He has always been a quick learner, and need only see a technique once to learn how to do it on his own.” Read article: http://futurism.media/is-goku-being-set-up-to-one-day-become-a-god-of-destruction-based-on-recent-dragon-ball-super-chapters

December 21, 2017