DYLAN BALDE is a freelance artist and writer from the Philippines. She studied History in college, and healthcare documentation some few years after that, but neither panned out, so she switched to journalism in 2016.

The awesome folks over at Moviepilot took her in, and she trained with them for at least a year before eventually being verified in July 2017. She wrote news, features, editorials, and mock-academic pieces about entertainment topics and pop culture, specializing in film, TV, video games, comic books, celebrities, anime & manga, and Western animation. Most were miraculously well-received. (To go from absolutely dreadful to weirdly acceptable — she couldn’t believe it either.)

That split second decision to switch from academia to journalism completely changed her life and she reports she’s never been any happier. No more aimless soul searching for this dork! Her more accommodating journal entries suggest she’s finally discovered her life’s passion.

Alas, she couldn’t honeymoon forever. The rollercoaster had to end sometime. Shortly after being verified, Dylan was offered a chance to go up a level into Masterclass, and would have if the company hadn’t closed prematurely last November 30. (See “Goodbye, Movie Pilot” for the juicy, gut-wrenching details.) Because of this, her articles are no longer viewable through Creators.co (the team behind Moviepilot), but copies of her best ones can be still be found in Vocal Media. The team behind Vocal offered to export everything no strings attached, in a last-ditch effort to keep the dream alive.

Dylan now writes for the Inquisitr. She went through a rigorous five-step process that involved three exams, one sample article, and four interview-orientations, all within a span of two to three months, and now works for the IQ contractually as an independent freelancer. A news intern, for the next 26 weeks (or 30 articles, whichever comes first).

As for everything else, Dylan keeps her work neatly compartmentalized nowadays — Vocal has her creatives (basically everything CW, both fiction and nonfiction) and her old Moviepilot articles, Instagram, Pixiv, WordPress.com and Facebook have her art, while the Inquisitr has full ownership of all her post-MP news articles on celebrities, gossip/rumors, and world politics. She is officially also affiliated with Movie Logic (the brainchild of several of Moviepilot’s best writers) but hasn’t written anything so far. The site seems to be presently on hiatus.

Here are the links to her current Inquisitr and Vocal Media author pages, where you can read her work:

IQ: https://www.inquisitr.com/author/dylanbalde

Vocal: https://vocal.media/authors/dylan-balde

Dylan is still looking to pitch in for a few more pubs, preferably somewhere that could help pay the bills and settle monthly costs. It’s not cheap living the PWD life, what with all the doctor’s visits, various therapy sessions, and laundry list of medications. It’s even more expensive when you’re viciously trying to keep a dream alive.

The good news is Dylan is finally willing to start illustrating for a fee. She received an offer recently to illustrate for children’s textbooks and is considering taking it. There’s also a plan to start commentating on YouTube and Twitch while playing video games. She figures it’s an excellent way to burn through her mania, so why not? She comments on games way too much anyway, can’t stop yapping like a Chihuahua whenever she screws up, can’t stop yelling at the screen when she’s close to tasting defeat, can’t stop making retarded jokes in response to the most insignificant details — the list is ginormous and it’s best channeled in front of a camera and an aptly working microphone. That will hopefully come to fruition within the next few months as she begins to acclimate better to her work at the Inquisitr.

When not writing, Dylan cosplays and attends comic cons with friends and family, usually dressed up as a merc with several mouths, a geeky idiot, or a variant of both. She also draws in her free time and has recently decided to sell prints of her best artworks on Etsy. (Incidentally, do drop by if you’re interested. They’re only like 3 to 4 dollars each.) Otherwise, she moonlights as a cat-obsessed dork and innocuously wrapped human nitroglycerin, hoping to god the next chapter of her life (or the next hour) isn’t going to be another Westchester incident.

Dylan currently resides in Manila, but travels to Hong Kong from time to time. She’s been going there since she was 6 and considers that beautiful kung fu dumpling noodle utopia her second home. She lives in the city with her mother, grandmother, uncle, and four cats.

Dylan is 25 years old this year.