Asahi’s (Tsukuda’s) Real Target

Blog / Sunday, August 5th, 2018

Pretty sure Asahi’s not really here to threaten Saiba’s legacy, otherwise why drag Erina into this? Why so much emphasis on dedicating your cooking to your one and only when that line’s been in here since Season 1? Why only now? If I didn’t know any better, Tsukuda just really wants to set one particular ship sailing, and thank god it’s the one I want. Seriously if Erina as herself can’t get Souma to fricking move his ass, maybe a competing foster brother finally will.

So yeah, f*cking get in line, buddy! There’s a more deserving Saiba son in town, and you might look like something out of a K-drama, but it’s not you, bro. Nope. Nope, nope. Ain’t no fake Saiba son to take the God Tongue away from Yukihira Souma. If you want her, you gotta fight like hell to get her.

Already have high hopes for this arc! I thought it was gonna be boring as heck after the Azami saga, but Tsukuda surprises me yet again.