Profiling Eishi Tsukasa (Azami Arc)

Blog / Friday, March 16th, 2018

Tsukasa seems innocent, but he’s actually pretty arrogant and self-important in his own way. It was always implied since his introduction, but Chapter 254 just confirmed it. He has a darkness in him that’s scary when unleashed, but he keeps it hidden under a fake cloak of decency, like a sort of mock servility. But he actually prides himself as being more superior than anyone else — supposedly, a true gourmet.

Thing is, Tsukasa is most like Nakiri Azami than anyone in Food Wars, but he doesn’t make it obvious. That level of deceit is what makes him terrifying, and also a pretty high stakes villain if you think about it. He’ll lure you in with feigned innocence and pretend kindness, a humility that doesn’t seem like any other, but then stab you in the back when it feels to him like you’re just a pawn to further his cooking. As repeatedly proven, Tsukasa sees everyone as simply a means to that end. If he doesn’t feel like you’re worth his salt, he doesn’t bother with you. Or he secretly gets pissed being forced to serve you. Maybe he’ll acknowledge your talent at some point, but only to bring you to his side, and mind you, not to be his equal in some way, but to serve him, like an assistant or similar (he asked this of Yukihira and Isshiki at least twice to date). The conceit isn’t explicit, but it’s there.

A lot of people like Tsukasa, but this is why I get annoyed every time he shows on the page and keeps winning shokugekis left and right. Someone needs to beat this guy and teach him some legit humility, and it’s annoying to see him pretend to be all nice and humble, when actually he’s about 90% Nakiri Azami inside, like he’s not yet him, but soon he will be, if left unhindered. The lie he perpetuates is irritating, like he pretends not to be the villain, but he is, like an Azami gradually in the making. And thing is, even Nakiri Azami himself knows it too. He proudly acknowledges it, like he’d rather be Tsukasa’s dad than Erina’s at this point. I’d rather Soma beat Tsukasa’s ass in this regiment de cuisine, but there’s probably a good reason why the writers made Erina do the main dish against Tsukasa’s, as part of her character arc growing out of her fear of her father, and developing her identity apart from the stuff she picked up from him.

Can’t wait for next week!!